Volunteer Requirements


Requirements To Be A Court Appointed Special Advocate

CASA Volunteer Advocates are Ordinary People Committed to Speaking Up For Children Who Are Victims of Abuse And Neglect.

  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Must successfully pass screening requirements, which include a written application, three reference checks with non-relatives, local, state and national criminal record checks, a National Sexual Offender Registry check, Child Abuse and Neglect Registry check, Adult Protection Registry check, verification of social security number, and personal interview.
  • Must successfully complete initial training provided by the CASA Program, which is at least 30 hours. Any sessions missed must be made up by the applicant before being appointed to a case.
  • Must attend three hours of court observation
  • Must be accepted as a volunteer by the CASA Program Director and sworn in by the Family Court Judge.
  • Must participate in ongoing training, a minimum of 12 hours annually
  • Must accept supervision and seek feedback from the Program Director on a regular basis
  • Must be able to keep information confidential and to work within established program guidelines
  • KRS 620.505(7) which states: “Employees of the Cabinet shall not become volunteers or employees of the Court Appointed Special Advocate Program.”

Volunteer Training (Required):

  • Online guided curriculum
  • Supplemental in-person training & support
  • Court observation required in Clay, Knox or Laurel Family Court